Rotary Club Solan

Rotary Club Solan: A Legacy of Service

The Rotary Club of Solan was established in 1970, thanks to the significant efforts of the late Niranjan Singh Talib and Rtn. V. D. Dutta. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Shimla, the original charter was issued on September 1, 1970, and signed by William E. Walk, President, and Victor Dover, Secretary General of Rotary International.

Father Emanuel served as the Charter President, with Rtn. V.K. Dutta as the Club Secretary for the years 1970-71 and 1971-72. Among the charter members were Rtn. Niranjan Singh Talib, Rtn. Mohinder Kapoor, Rtn. Inder Mohan Chhabra, Rtn. D. S. Chopra, Rtn. Dr. Laxmi Sharma, Rtn. Dr. S.R. De, Rtn. Yogesh Mehta, and Rtn. Mahinder Gupta. The club's charter was presented by District Governor Dr. Som Nath Dhingra of Dehradun.

In its inaugural year, the theme set by RI President William E. Walk Jr. was "Bridge the Gap." Over the years, the club has thrived under the leadership of various Rotarians, each contributing to its rich history of service and fellowship.

In 1997, the club's original charter was misplaced. Through the dedicated efforts of President Col. D. N. Kanwarpal, a new charter was issued on November 19, 1997, signed by RI President Glen W. Kinross and RI Secretary General Aam Hyatt.

The Rotary Club of Solan celebrated its Golden Jubilee on September 1, 2020, marking 50 years of committed service and community impact.

Some major Projects and Achievements

Rotary Hearse cum Ambulance Van: A hearse van was one of the most important need of people of Solan and it was with the efforts of Rtn. Sushil Choudhary and Rtn. Puneet Sharma that during the year 2002-03 that a van was purchased by the club which is still running successfully and has earned a good rapport among public as well as civil authorities. The most remarkable part of its functioning is that the club has not paid any amount for its maintenance or running expenses for the last many years. The driver Mr. Rajesh Kumar is working selflessly for the past two years and his dedication towards the cause of humanity is beyond words. May it be any accident, or Polio Plus or any other occasion, he will be found serving in the first row. The mention of van will not be complete till we appreciate the efforts of Rtn, Arun Trehan in bringing the van out of red and in managing its smooth running. Some of our members are donating on monthly instalments for the cause of this van.

Tree Plantation: Since its creation. The club has been planting tree saplings every year at a hill top near Police ground. This hill top, which we call Rotary Hills, used to be a naked hill which has now turned in to a thick forest.During his official visit to our club,DG Shaju Peter was very happy on seeing this plantation when visited the Rotary Hills, his wife Lovy also expressed her pleasure and promised to mention this achievement in the bulletin she was writing.